May 2023 Astrological Predictions. A wind of transformation and change for the world!

Avatar photo Mari Giova 05/05/2023

On the route of change and bright mission rise, the world and the life of the 12 Signs.

Subsequent to an End is a New Beginning and a rise, always… and this May puts a signature to the events preluding, the beginning of a new era.


Mays’ note

The need for security provokes deep transformations and sudden changes.


The major planetary change of the month starts on May the 16th when Jupiter enters, after 12 whole years, the sign of Taurus and will remain in this Fixed Earth Sign until the 25th of May 2024. Under the influence of a Sign that represents the individual values, the need for stability and security, as well as the global financial resources will provoke chain explosions to the Star Signs not in its favor, as well as changes and opportunities for the luckier ones.


In conjunction with the North Node of the Moon will illuminate everyone’s fate and personal expedition but, in an essential conflict with powerful Pluto, during the second half of May at its climax, will overturn the financial system and the global economy, the legislative systems and the European Political institutions!


On the 1st of may, Pluto, in a seemingly retrograde orbit in Aquarius, returns to the sanctums of the soul and to the global secrets, initiating fated changes in financial, political and parastatal centers. The European Parliament and the Laws wil “get injured” by June the 11th, whilst “wealth” will approach war conditions.

Pluto acts in an subterranean, but absolutely transforming, way and will eternally change the equilibrium as well as everything else taken for granted. Financial and inter-banking problems, extreme geophysical phenomenons, severe incidents deriving from the bowels of the Earth- mines and natural wealth resourses.


On may the 7th, Venus, of harmony and love, leaves the sign of Gemini and enters the one of Cancer, and will remain there until the 5th of June.


Mercury remains retrograde during the first half of the month, giving a chance for conclusion, to every outstanding relationship and situation from the past, in a more intimate, personal as well as financial spectrum.


Retrograde Mercury initially and by the 15th of May, will cause confusion and delays to Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius representatives, especially to the ones of the first decan.

Therefore, after the 15th of the month, it concludes its seemingly retrograde movement and, allows things and emotions to expand in their natural course, in order to make lifetime decisions!


On May the 19th, the Eclipses’ era is finally over and the New Moon in Taurus manifests a restart for every single issue, during the following 15 days!


On May the 20th, Mars, that represents action and war, leaves the Star Sign of Cancer and enters royal Leo’s territory, whereas it will remain by the 9th of July, putting everyone’s love life – and not only – on fire!


The 17 – 23 of May are days of extreme tensions due to the conflict between Mars and Pluto. The individuality loses its grounds while joint forces and political parties will win.


On May 21st, that is the National Elections date, the Sun, that symbolizes dominion, initiates the era – month of Gemini, causing ambiguous situations and certainly an unclear self-reliant answer.


May is sealed by a transforming Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, its climax on May the 5th that is the 5th day, of the 5th month of the year on the 14th degree (1+4=5) of Scorpio!

A degree that is symbolized by 5 children playing, surrounded by 5 piles of sand.


The repeat of the number 5 is obvious in an eclipse with special mystical meaning… the meaning of change, playing, of the quest to find the internal child, of freedom and honesty, of the brave truth, as revealed through the eyes of children… but what else could be expected from the sign of mystic Scorpio…!


The influence of the Lunar Eclipse started its cycle on November 2021 and will conclude with a cycle of similar events and situations until we face them directly and transform ourselves according to our unconstrained internal truth, until the 28th of October 2023.


The key is to let go of everything that burdens our soul and blocks our way and move on free, towards our personal happiness and completion.


The Full Moon total Lunar eclipse in the sign of Transformation, passion and rebirth affects strongly and acutely the signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, of the first week of their birthday month as well as the ones who have their Ascendant and personal planets close to the 14-15 degree of the aforementioned signs.


A fated Full Moon and Lunar eclipse in Scorpio, in a difficult aspect with the planet of freedom and major changes, Uranus but, thankfully, in harmony with Mars, that dominates the eclipse, stimulates and manifests assertive feelings and complaints, whilst initiating the subversion of leaders as well as a new form of authority.

The direct influence of eclipses started at the beginning of April until the 19th of May, that the New Moon occurs. There will be severe meteorological and extreme geophysical phenomenons, earth disturbances, serious incidents in the sea space as well as religious and artistic matters.


The influence of an eclipse of such range continues for the following 6 month or even the following years. Certainly, its results will be unveiled by October 2023! The money, the wealth – Pluto dominates the eclipse – and the banking system structures will change completely.


A year ago, at the same time I declared:

“From now, until November 2022 the political scene in Greece, Turkey, Russia, USA and U.K. will change due to subversions and unpredictable events that no-one expects. Powerful leaders, governments and state economies will suffer. Conflicts will occur, occasioned by the geophysical wealth and marine energy resources. Greece will face severe financial issues and scandals that will put too much pressure on the government.

The monarchy institution of Great Britain will change from now until November and will eventually enter a new cycle due to Queen Elizabeth’s health issues.”


The most creative and beneficial days of May 2023: 12, 13, 14,15 and 26 of May.


The most intense days, requiring special handling: 1-6, 9-11, 17-23 and 28 of May.



Aries   Enhancement of your power!

Exploit Jupiter’s positive energy in Aries, until the 16th of May that attempts, regardless of the difficulties, to grant you the best possible solution and resort. The opportunity you are seeking is very close and, in many occasions, in your own hands.


Beware, though, of the sleazy factor of inversions, due to friends or an acquaintances cycle that may negatively affect an important aspiration.


From May the 20th until the 9th of July, your ruling planet, Mars, regains the strength and the courage to push you forwards. Your intrepidity and eroticism are at their peak.



Taurus   You are located just at the climax of the happenings!

 The Lunar eclipse, on the 5th of May, affects, especially, the ones born between 1st -10th of May until the New Moon on the 19th of the same month.


It is crucial to re-establish equilibrium and harmony in your personal and professional relations, in order to avoid the loss of a partner and an important colleague. However, if a relationship is toxic, this is a good opportunity to fly far away, for a new beginning.


Mercury retrograde in your own star sign, encourages you to cease action and re-consider people and past unfinished plans, in order to be prepared for actions and decisions after the 15 of the month, when Mercury completes its retrograde orbit.


Gemini    Take a deep breath and restart!

May holds many experiences for you. Happy birthday beloved Gemini!

From the one side, Venus will remain in your sign until the 7th giving you beauty, charm and flirting. On the other side, the Lunar eclipse on the 5th of May, causes stress in your employment’s routine and psycho-physiological disturbances.

Look after yourselves and avoid oppression. Ideal era to approach the healing of your soul. Duties or public services keep you busy.

Communication is excessive, but beware of confusions and mistakes, until the 15th, that may cause troubles in communication issues. Check your car and files at least until the middle of the month. Issues, as well as individuals from the past may re-appear and shock you, but it is a good opportunity to finally resolve past problems.

Your own ruling planet, Mercury, completes its seemingly retrograde orbit and then nothing seems to stop you!

Important decisions better to be taken after the 21st of May, when Sun will shine from your own sign, welcoming your birthday month.

Friends, shared ambitions with your partner or a colleague of yours, will play an important role in your lives for many following months, mainly in a positive way, but sometimes with unexpected events.


Cancer    Your relationships and professional advancement cause turmoils!

A beloved one puts you in a dilemma, and functions in a crucial manner regarding your future plans. A journey, a contact, an agreement or an important conversation may provide with solutions and recourse to many troubles.

The partner must not get involved with your friends or acquaintances, at least for the time being.

Conversations and friendships left unfinished, will come back.

The good news of the month is the entry of Venus in your own sign from the 7th of May until the 5th of June. You will become more attractive than ever and convincing, even to the most disbelieving interlocutor, just by looking at him in the eyes and smile gently.

You are occupied by your career and your future ambitions. Important decisions is better to be finalized after the 15th.


Leo   A challenging month!

The Lunar eclipse puts you in dilemmas and anxiety for a change that must be done career-wise and will affect your accommodation, real estate or your family.

Jupiter, until the 15th of the month, supports your future plans, major contracts, overseas journeys and professional projects. Beware, though, as your good luck is challenged by people you considered partners or associates.

A lot is happening at the backstage and you are unaware of the risks. You will discover everything that was happening behind your back, from the 20th of May until the 9th of July, that Mars will visit your own sign.

Inspect properly the conditions and the details, as an upset is possible to occur. All Leo representatives born in July until the 9th of August, should be more vigilant.

The good news is that Mercury returns to the out of retrograde orbit and the professional environment will clarify.


Virgo    Welcome the planet of luck for a whole year!

Jupiter, indeed, after the 16th of May and for a whole year will remain in a friendly to yours sign and will benefit your future plans, seminars, studies, as well as the contact with a different circle of individuals that will open new doors for you. Abroad destinations, journeys, people and organizations from far away, during this whole year will provide you with the opportunities you must exploit to the maximum!

Beware, as this does not mean that everything will be easy. Especially, during the second half of the month obstacles or problems may rise in professional relations, public services even and psycho-physiological disturbances.

The eclipse leads you to changes and dilemmas for an important decision that can change your future course of life. The final result will be positive, but do not make a rush final decision.

You better check the details again, as may cause delays or create obstacles to your plans, due to retrograde Mercury. Final decisions, new contracts and agreements are not favored until mid-May. Contrary, if you are awaiting a past outstanding answer, it possible to finally have it.


Libra  All eyes are on you!

During the greatest part of the month, your professional and social projection reaches its peak.

Your sign’s ruling planet, Venus, that rises to the highest point of your horoscope from the 7th of May till the 5th of June, benefits every social and family event and celebration. Your charm attracts the eyes and gives you the opportunity to succeed through acquaintances, better relations and professional aspirations.

However, the Lunar eclipse stimulates matters of financial affairs and personal insecurity.

Financial issues cause tension with your beloved ones and dilemmas. Urgent expenses will occupy your mind and you will react against anyone that will challenge your interests.

Beware of revenue or bank matters.

If you were waiting to collect old debts, now is a good time.


Scorpio   The challenge of change and transformation is here!

The Lunar eclipse on the 5th of May causes turmoil to the important axes of your life. Your marriage, companionship and associations, the family, the home and the professional property will go through a crisis, so the essence and value of everything actually necessary will prevail.

Scorpio representatives of the 1st and 2nd decan will have to face long term problems and find solutions. Intuition, inspiration, faith and love will empower you!

Harmony returns with Venus, from the 7th of May and favors second chances, journeys, new acquaintances and expansion of spiritual horizons.

Fortunately, Jupiter, since the 16th of the month, remains for a whole year in the area of long term relationships and supports companionship, powerful alliances, especially after the 25th of May. An important individual will show you the value of companionship and alliance.


Sagittarius   Your life and daily routine change!

Until the 16th of May, Jupiter will be in the area of love, creativity, children, business actions, entertainment, art and achievement.

Eventually, its positive energy changes and the daily routine at work, as well as the communication with the ones close to you, apply pressure in order to find solutions and resorts. Pay attention to messages, as well as conversations and people you trust. Beware of all communication means, as well as your car, avoid new contracts and essential decisions until the 24th of May. Daily routine and psychology issues require all your energy and attention, while the others will cause tension.

Do not worry, as the good luck, the action, a dynamic man, as well as a big journey will reinstate equilibrium and your optimism.

Mercury’s seemingly retrograde orbit affects professional relations and brings back previous associates or lovers, but also causes delays and confusion in the area of relationships.

You should be patient for a short period of time, as Jupiter, after the 24th of May, favors every single aspect of your lives for a whole year.


Capricorn   Important relationships deem the developments!

The house, the professional premises and your family will play a crucial role until mid May. The space, as well as the family relations require rejuvenation.

The energy of the Lunar eclipse severely affects your need for security and financial stability and clarifies friends, acquaintances and group projects.

The love life will be particularly demanding, with sudden changes. Many of you will experience love at first sight, but it is important not to involve your friends, in order to avoid tensions and jealousy.

Venus, from the 7th of May until the 5th of June, will bring harmony to the relationship with the partner or an associate.

The planet of luck will favor for a year every notion of creativity, art, entertainment, the joy of life through love or children. Until the 24th of May no financial, business and love act will bloom. Be patient and the following months will compensate you!


Aquarius   Ready for a radical change!

The Lunar eclipse happens on the axis of career and family, affecting housing issues or professional premises. The atmosphere in the house is charged and a lot of patience is required for the biggest part of the month. These challenges will conclusively lead to a bright resort and decision that will change your career and your life.

You are running out of patience, while your need for a radical change is like a volcano. Career and acclaim sector is affected, for the representatives of the sign born in January and close to the 4th of February.

Some of you, particularly the ones born after the 10th of February, decide to change house, city or country in order to change your mood.

Mars, from the 20th of May until the 9th of July, indicates the positive and negative aspects of long term relationships and contracts. If you really desire a professional or personal relationship, you must remain in control of your temper, when the other party is ready for conflict. The most intense days are 4-6, 9-22 and 17-23 of May.


Pisces   A new perspective arises!

The Full Moon and Lunar eclipse provides you with a second chance for companionship and prompts you to new acquaintances with foreigners, specialists or advisors.

Providence must be shown to all legal affairs or agreements and secret enemies between the 16th – 24th of May.

Journeys, relationship with relatives or acquaintances and especially your future plans are affected. You are in a dilemma. Follow your dreams and your intuition and leave important decisions for the end of the month or June.

Fortunately, the planet of harmony, art and love is harmonised with your own star sign from the 7th of May until the 5th of June, and sweetens the relationships with important individuals, by broaden new horizons and giving you a second chance in life.

Experience love, travel, communicate and plan new ambitions prudently and faithfully, for a new life prospect.


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