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February 2017: “the two faced month…”
Advice of the month: “have a thorough thought before taking an action…!!!”
The second month of the year commences with tensions and frustration. However, February, will “smile dimly”, after the completion of all alterations that are about to happen on the 5th and throughout the first half of the month. They will turnout to be real opportunities.
Contrarily, during the second half of the month, while approaching its end, many of us, including our Country, will “emit a distress signal”, by facing the unpredictable and corrosive consequences of a very dangerous and risky course….
February consists of two eclipses. One Lunar and one Solar.
The Lunar one is taking place on February 11th 2017, at Leo – Aquarius Axis.
The Solar one is taking place on February 26th 2017, at the aquatic star sign of Pisces.
Both eclipses influence our cosmos for approximately 15 days before, and another 15 days after the phenomenon’s due date.
The first eclipse will not have a negative effect on our lives. It will effectuate only positive changes on us all.
However, the second one will be deceitful, dishonest and corrosive for most of us, as well as our Country.
Planetary P.S…..
During the second half of February, violence reappears on the scene, through accidents, mass destructions, explosions, warfare and terror acts.
Our beloved Greece, that belongs to the traditional Star Sign of Capricorn will face severe danger especially in its aquatic territory. Will it be a shipwreck? Will it be emigration, legal or not? Or something way more solemn?
All our minds travel to our neighbor, but “disputatious” country, Turkey, that belongs to the zodiac sign of Scorpio. One thing is certain. It will not simply be one more bad incident, but unfortunately a devastating one. Turkey and its current leader will undergo a serious challenge. It will occur during the first eclipse, with an epicenter between the 7th and 15th of February 2017. 
But, as said, “good captains display their skill set while in the middle of a storm”… Let’s all hope that we have got the best ones…
International firmament will endure a rough time as well, with politicians and alliances trembling under the influence of the Eclipses.
Zodiac Signs and Ascendants during the month of LOVE….
You are the protagonists of this month. All eyes are on you Aries! The two eternal lovers, Venus and Mars are meeting each other once again on your star sign, making you guys extremely attractive, charming and bright… They also bring along passion and tension, so…. MAKE LOVE, NOT WAR…
Have a good “blowing off steam” but avoid unnecessary risks.
After the 17th of this month, reduce “speed and volume” in every aspect of your life. Especially the ones among you that are born after the 6th of April choose a leisure activity that will result in your distressing, such as yoga or sports in general. Last, but never least, watch your health, drive carefully as you are prompt to car accidents and influenza….
Secrets and backstage activity bear down on your psychosomatic health. Remain calm and shield your personal life from indiscreet eyes and comments. Tendency to secret relationships. Try relaxing somewhere close to nature. If you attempt to develop a secret relationship during the coming month, you will later on find yourselves either regretting it or being extremely confused.
Friends, associations, groups of people or politics are calling out for you this month.
You develop new interests and intense desires. You will find yourselves surprisingly close to some of your friends but in a quarrel with others. Your ruling planet, Mercury, will assist you with some bright ideas regarding communications or with this little trip you wanted and needed so….badly….
Work overload as well as social and professional commitments are on schedule this month. By the end of February, those among you born after the 7th of July, diminish your strain and anxiety. Be tremendously careful in matters concerning your career, long term relationships and collaborations. The first eclipse of this month, approximately on the 11th, causes financial or emotional insecurities. On the contrary, the Solar eclipse, by the end of the month, suits you better as it emotionally recharges you… “Zodiac’s sensitive ones”… 
If you meticulously think all these that are happening around you…you must feel very lucky…
You belong to the group of protagonists, but how else it could have been done?????? You are all born to shine!!! Mars and Venus  lead you to a journey towards your most wanted and distant dreams…but only if you  hark other people’s heartbeat as well. Regardless of whether you are ready for risks and changes or not, the alterations are about to happen. The Lunar eclipse, on 11th, is taking place on your star sign and signifies an end and a new beginning, especially for the representatives of the sign born between 12th and 18th of August.
Journeys, legal matters, studies and mind-blowing plans are in favor now!!!!!!!!!
Your attention this month turns inwards. You are thinking of your most sincere personal plans, your psychology, your secrets and your pecuniary situations, especially the ones related to the Inland Revenue. May be you should give call to your accountant or your business partner (for the self-employed ones). My suggestion to you is to proceed with your matters way before the Lunar Eclipse, that is before mid February. The closer you get on the 26th, especially the ones born on August, the more traps you will have to dodge. Beware!!! Not everything shinny is made of gold….
Dear charming kids of Venus, your sex appeal and allure is playing dangerous games. If you are in to a long term relationship do not take unnecessary risks. Just try to lend a hand to all those participating in your life, either as business partners or companions. The ones born after the 8th of October are in the “eye” of the storm. Why all those surrounding people do not seem to understand you at all??? One single match is more than enough cause an explosion! The end of this month is not a suitable era to resolve issues concerning your intimate and professional relations. Let these days pass in peace, while dreaming of a colorful rainbow that indicates that the storm has ceased…. 
This month’s focal point must be you daily routine and matters concerning your health. Allow daily exercise in your life and kick the stress and anxiety out of the door… Daily obligations seem to never end, while you feel that you are running out of patience. Believe me, I totally empathize with you. Trust me, and keep your strength intact. Your career might be demanding, but if you prove to be creative and innovative enough and chase your aims, you will see yourself rapidly rising socially and professionally. Tο the ones born close to the 14th of November, the influence of the  Eclipse on the 11th, will be more intense. Diminish velocity and make diplomatic and careful manoeuvres in order to stand by the victorious ones. Beware of the men of the family! They need more love and affection as well as your smile. Go on and give them what they need…
Lucky even now!!! This eclipse on the 11th awakens your creative side. At the same time Venus and Mars increase your allure. Be careful of your “chick flicks”. Parents must be vigilant with their kids. They need your attention!
Between the 7th and the 25th your communications are at ease. Take advantage of it!!! The representatives of the sign born on November, must be very careful during the days close to the 26th. They are prompt to traps, deceits. Also, watch matters concerning your home and family. They need you!!!
What shall I say to you Capricorns now? Be patient!!! Tensions. Stress. Increased speed. Must do’s. No worries! Mars is passing by… The most important matters must be chased during the first half of the month. In your home there will be panic after the 18th, and the ones close to you will fail to understand and empathize with you for a little bit longer at least. It will be a very rough ride, drive swiftly… 
Representatives of planet Uranus, Happy Birthday!!!! Be prepared of an adventurous month! You will badly need some rest but your surrounding will not let you… Telephone, messages, visits…all your favorite ones! The first eclipse influences mostly the ones born between the 8th and the 14th of February. This influence commences now and lasts for the whole natal year.
Thankfully, reality will not be as harsh as it sounds! This eclipse will affect your professional relations or a long term commitment. Changes with a very positive outcome will occur!
By the end of the month, have a thorough check to your vehicle and do not rush. Beware of your words…
Your finances are in the center of attention this month. You must, finally, make a step during the first half of February. Problems do get solved on their own! 
Be prepared for the second half of this month as the eclipse is occurs in your sign. All of you are going to be influenced, but especially those born between the 23rd and the 29th. You must be careful throughout this natal year of the men of your family. You must also be really vigilant of deceits and your own disillusions. Sometimes, shinny objects are made of glitter instead of gold…  
Every single person’s natal chart is a unique fingerprint in the whole universe.
A specialized, detailed and accurate prediction can be feasible only by taking into consideration our personal date of birth, precise time and location. 
General predictions are referring solely to every individual’s Sun. There are ten more core planets that consist of a person’s, a country’s, a team’s, a political party’s, or even a business’s unique natal chart, that cannot be taken into account.
We will make an attempt  to detect a universal tendency and decipher the encrypted messages of the zodiac circle in our daily lives…. 
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