Love is in the air….

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Love is in the air….
We are going through a very challenging month to our personal relationships, due to the two eclipses. On Valentine’s Day, communications will be tough. Thus, our hearts will be emotionally charged, and “thirsty” for romance and companionship. During the evening hours, many dilemmas will appear. Tension and frustration will reach high sky levels…
As for the ones in love…celebrate, as long as the sun is warming your hearts!!!!!!!!!!

But, how does every single star sign fall in love?
Passionate lovers and valiant heart conquerors, always prepared to delve into lust’s fire, regardless of all the dangers involved.  Risky intimate relationships are their aphrodisiac. Do you want to “own” their heart forever? Just ensure that you withhold something from them and keep it for yourself. A part of you they will never conquer. .. Unfortunately, Aries rapidly lose interest the moment they consider you granted.
Love touches stubborn Taurus, always when accompanied with sensational pleasures. They experience lust and passion  through their senses. Taste and touch are their most intense and favorite ones. Look after them, and give them a gentle cuddle. A sensational massage with attar and essential oils is the recommended recipe of conquering their heart and possess it forever. Beware though, they are clueless when it comes to the meaning of the word “freedom”. They want to “own” you utterly and completely…
As blithesome, wigglers and wisecrackers… Gemini cannot live without flirting. In order to attract their attention, you must first intrigue their mind. They appreciate a smart sense of humor as well as a good and intense seduction “game”. Eternity is not made for them, unless you are prepared for constant changes and transformations. They are always ready for trips, journeys and great adventures. Surprise them as frequently as possible and never restrict them…so their “heart” will beat just for you…
Our Lunar children need their “harbor” in order to smoothen their intense insecurities. Simply make them feel safe and secure when in your arms. Consider their needs as your own and ensure you remain responsive to them all. Show them and confirm that you are their family and their eyes will continue being focused just on you forever. Want to stay with them for a lifetime? Make sure you can withstand their volatility and they are eternally yours!!!!
Shiny Lions desire nothing  else but admiration! They are craving of being not only the center of your heart, but of your whole universe!!! Never forget though, that a real King does not simply want a throne in your heart, but also a worthy Queen, to stand by his side. If you have fallen for a Lioness, promise her the “Kingdom of your Heart”, where she can reign forever…
Smart and diligent, Virgo’s representatives are excessively selective and “difficult”, to fall in love with somebody. They tend to pay too much attention to details and love for them is exclusively a “mind matter”…  Show them that apart of an elegant appearance, you also possess an interesting personality. Impress them with your knowledge and your sense of humor. Additionally, prove yourself a worthy housekeeper, where a neat, clean and tidy rules. Allow your modest but elegant fragrance to seduce them… They will be caught in “your net” forever!!!!
The star sign of companionship needs love in order to share its life in all shades of pink!!!!  Oh yes! Charming Libras more than everyone else in the Zodiac Circle, feel the need of harmony, of beauty and kindness.  Dress in a classy manner! Put on your brightest smile! Display your elegant taste as well as your repartee personality! Become the unique intimate companion they are constantly seeking….

Everything for love!!!! Scorpio’s representatives are the most passionate lovers of the Zodiac! They seem to have been born just for this passion that deluges their existence. If you are geared up for a rough ride into “untamed deep waters”, if you do not fear fierce “games” … seduce them with your eyes… let them wonder for what is not revealed, either a wound from an unspoken past or a “buried” fear!!! Allow them just a tiny glimpse on your veiled weakness…just a fleeting one!
For a “pure breed” Scorpio, the only thing that matters is a well hidden lust. Keep it that way….His/her  life’s motivation is dictated by an “all or nothing” attitude. Mediocre emotions do touch a Scorpio. Lives through an eternal quest for the deepest of emotions! Constantly seeks  intensity, and lust.
If you succeed in aiming a Scorpio’s heart, do not even consider the idea of making him/her intentionally jealous. Turns out to be capable of everything…in such a case! Scorpio conquers through sex, but is ready to share his/her heart when feels utterly “united” as a whole different unity with the other person…

Independent and ardent, Sagittarius representatives seek a companion for their journeys. They can fall in love only if they firstly secure that their, so treasured freedom is not at jeopardy.  If you are keen on adventure, countryside and wildlife, journeys, and mostly independence, then you are eligible of getting straight to a Sagittarius’s heart. Get on his horse and gallop far away of everything ordinary… for them conventions and obligations are completely worthless…

Serious, matured and disciplined, Capricorn’s representatives prefer a partner that genuinely appears perfect in all social prototypes and aspects. They are in quest of a passionate, but socially conformed companion.  A Capricorn desires acceptance in love, and will make the first move only if he/she is certain for their stance and feel safe and secured. If you have fallen for this sign’s representative, ensure you acquired his admiration and appreciation initially, and prove yourself worthy of his/her love….

Independent and cerebral, always ahead of their time, Aquarius mostly seeks the idea of love, rather that love itself.  They tend to love the one that will succeed in “touching” their over- complicated mind. The one that will share the same wonders about life. They absolutely adore their freedom. They will be not an easy “fish to catch” as they avoid every kind of restriction. If you are in love with an Aquarius, become their fried first, share your interests and ideas with him/her. Beware! Do not pressurize them. They easily get suffocated with conventions duties and stereotypes. They seek a partner not a custodian…

Sensitive, daydreamers, and incurably romantic. If it is their heart that you desire, make sure you can softly “touch” their imagination and their soul. A piece of music, a rhyme, a word, a flower consists of the most seductive elements, which reveal the path to their heart. Always keep in mind though, that for this sign’s representatives, love blossoms as in fairytales. In a magical way! That’s what they expect from you. A continuous escape from reality into the magical world of dreams is their desire. Be that dream!!!!!

Our personal natal chart is our unique fingerprint in the whole universe. This “fingerprint’ consists of our accurate date, time and place of birth.
In order to see if one person’s matching with another is suitable and harmonious or not, solemnly the Sun’s natal position will not suffice. It takes a whole accurate and detailed study of the two different natal charts, separately and combined as well.

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