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Τhe proposal of Solar Eclipse:
“transformation and rebirth through major alterations…”
The phenomenon of a Total Solar Eclipse is certainly not unprecedented. Humanity, since antiquity, always observed Solar Eclipses. We can discover many documented reports of such phenomenon in several ancient manuscripts.
For example, Homer’s “Odyssey”alludes to an occurrence of such event on the 16th of April 1178 B.C.:
“…and the Sun vanished into the Sky, when an unsacred mist covered everything…” Homer, Odyssey

Additionally, the ancient poet Arhilohos, got inspired and wrote about the Total Solar Eclipse on May 6th, 585 B.C.:
“… Zeus, father of all Olympian Gods, turned the day into night, cloaked the gleaming Sun and a sense of a profound dread conquered entire Humankind…”

From Ancient Times until nowadays many scientific and astrological observations have been written. Back then, Solar Eclipses augured bad omens. More specifically the TOTAL ones were referring only to Kings.
Historically, the birth of major and charismatic leaders, such as Alexander the Great, was accompanied by a Total Solar Eclipse. The occurrence was visible at the time to all the territories he conquered later on in his life!!!!
As I always like to say:
“…fate inhabits our Universe in the form of a silken thread, leading us all through our unique earthly path…”

Today, the path of the Sun’s shadow will cover with darkness the Pacific Ocean.It will travel across the center of the USA to South Carolina and will conclude its journey by reaching the Atlantic Ocean.
Solar Eclipse’s phenomenon occurs every six months. Most of the time we observe two, and sometimes three Solar Eclipses. The Total Eclipses of the Sun are rarer. They usually happen every 18 months approximately. The previous Total Solar Eclipse took place on the 1stof September 2016. Visible to our Country though was the one on 2006. It could be observed in the area of Kastelorizo.
As you can apprehend, this frenzy that overtook USA is slightly overexaggerated. America’s States have already witnessed similar Eclipse during 1979 and will witness it again on 2024.

The Total Solar Eclipse on the 21st of August 2017 is taking place on the 28 and 53’ degrees of Leo at 21:25 to 21:30 local time. Its influence last since the 7th of August until the 9thof September approximately. The phenomenon’s duration will be 2 minutes and 40 seconds.
As a result, the ones among us, influenced by a precise aspect of 1 degree, between any of their personal planets and the Solar Eclipse, will face severe changes in their lives during the next two and a half years. These alterations may be either positive or negative ones, depending on other aspects in their personal charts.

The zodiac signs affected by the current Eclipse are the fixed ones. That is, all Taurus representatives born between 16-20 of May. All Leo representatives born between 18-22 of August. All Scorpiorepresentatives born between 17-21 of November and finally, all the Aquarius representatives born between 14-18 of February.  
Moreover, mutable signs will also be affected by the Solar Eclipse. That is, Gemini representatives born close to 21-23 of May, Virgo representatives born between 23-26 of August, Sagittarius representatives born 23-24 of November and finally all Pisces representatives born close to 19-22 of February.
All representatives of the above-mentioned star signs, as well as the ones having their ascendant or personal planets close to these degrees will encounter major lifetime changes and decisions during the next period of time. After the 5th of September they will overhaul, alter their decisions and opinions as well as set new routes.
The Cardinal Sign representatives, i.e. Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, will not be affected by this Solar Eclipse, unless any of their personal chart’s planets is located within the previously mentioned degrees.However, there is a disharmonious aspect between Venus and Jupiter and Uranus that lasts until the 25th of August. It will be beneficial to safeguard everything of value in your lives, such as personal relationships, collaborations and business partnerships.
In case anyone among you is keen to discover whether is under the influence of the Eclipse, do not hesitate to contact me. All my contact info is mentioned above. 

Every single person’s natal chart is a unique fingerprint in the whole universe.
A specialized, detailed and accurate prediction can be feasible only by taking into consideration our personal date of birth, precise time and location. 
General predictions are referring solely to every individual’s Sun. There are ten more core planets that consist of a person’s, a country’s, a team’s, a political party’s, or even a business’s unique natal chart, that cannot be taken into account.
We will make an attempt  to detect a universal tendency and decipher the encrypted messages of the zodiac circle in our daily lives…. 

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